Friday, 28 June 2013

Sean Parker's 9,500 word whinge: Napster co-founder defends lavish $4.5 million 'Lord of the Rings' wedding against media backlash AGAIN in an enormous online blast

Billionaire Internet entrepreneur Sean Parker was so upset at the media's coverage of his Californian 'Lord of the Rings' themed wedding earlier this month that he decided to pen an incredible 9,500 word rebuttal to his critics.
Complete with subheadings and quoting directly from 'Rings' author J.R.R. Tolkein, the article, published in TechCrunch, sees Parker, 33, rant about the state of online journalism, environmentalism, his own celebrity and includes a rebuke to himself for helping to build the very Internet culture he feels has turned on him.
Put succinctly, Facebook and Napster co-founder Parker claims that everything about the reporting of his fantasy-themed wedding was wrong, that he did not damage the delicate eco-system around the marital site and even that media coverage before-hand came close to putting the kibosh on the whole 'production'.

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